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Hello world!

Okay, this is my first blog.

I’m going this route because I am a venter. I vent silently. I vent quietly. I whisper vent. I facially vent. I write vent. And I am going to vent about North Carolina’s proposed Amendment One to the state constitution defining marriage. Our selfish, self-absorbed state legislators have decided to put their “religious values” and “personal morals” to a vote and let the citizens of our state decide as to who get rights and who doesn’t. I am gay, not yet married, but am in a long-term relationship, so this will affect me forever, if it is passed. Unless of course I move to a state that does recognize same gender marriage. Would I be able to send a bill to the state for moving expenses? I’ve paid my taxes – and North Carolina is VERY greedy when it comes to taxes – so I should at least be entitled to some reimbursement for the inconvenience of leaving a place where I’m not recognized – or welcome.

I am not only someone who will be affected by Amendment One, but I am also a REAL Christian.  The “so-called christians” who quote from the Bible and then spew their hatred all in the same breath are showing themselves to be nothing more than bigots.

I was taught to accept everyone and hate no one. My religious beliefs are all inclusive.I was lucky enough to have been raised in the Episcopal Church. The recent pronouncements by the clergy of this denomination, who are vehemently opposed to the amendment,  have made me not only proud, but reassures me that my acceptance as a child of God is without discrimination because of who or what I am and I am blessed to be able to walk with respect and dignity among my friends in my parish.

In a few more weeks voters in our state will decide whether or not I am considered a “person” – not a law-abiding, taxpaying citizen of North Carolina – but someone “other than” a person.

As you know, the argument is about marriage equality between two people of the same gender. It is also about family and how they should be defined.  I witness families every Sunday in the sanctuary of the church I go to. I see a family of a single mother and her two boys. I see families of a mother, father and children. I see families with special needs children. I see families of only two people. I see old families and young families. And I see a family of two men and their little boy. The sad thing is that all but one of these families have rights. As Rachel Maddow, openly gay host on msnbc so succinctly stated: “Here’s the thing about rights. You don’t get to vote on them. That’s why they are called rights.”

I wish people would realize that I am not an “other than.” I am a person. And I deserve to be treated as such. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing “for”, nothing “against.”  I never thought in my lifetime that I would be voted on whether or not I was a “person.”



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