Okay, this is my second blog

My niece said on fb that she started a blog and I remembered that I had one too, but I haven’t written anything on it since day one. I said I started this because I was angry and I probably wouldn’t blog again until I calmed down. “See y’all in a year!” I said. But I have calmed down, so I’ll try to keep up.

I guess this is a diary of sorts. I’m just wondering if I should start a second blog for my “secrets.” That’s probably not a bad idea. I have some things I don’t care for the whole world to know about so it’s best that I keep them “hidden.”

Anyway, I went to a musical the other night in our local theatre. It was called “The Musical of Musicals” and it was hysterical! I laughed so hard and loud that I’m sure I drowned out most of the singing, but it was all I could do to keep from rolling on the floor. Luckily the rows were rather tight and there was a step down to the aisle so maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t. The show was about a girl who couldn’t pay her rent and was broken into five different styles parodying the music from many well known musicals. I was pretty contained until near the end of the first scene when the chorus, at a party in the “big city”,  broke into a ditty about clam dip. I lost it. What show has a song about clam dip?! After that it was all over and I had to hang onto the arms of my seat to keep from falling out.

During intermission I was reading the cast notes and it turns out that the woman accompianist is the organist/choir director at First Baptist Church. The remarkable thing about that is that there were several songs about the gays and “queers” and she tickled those ivories without missing a beat! (You know what’s been going in NC with the Baptists.) So I gave her a standing ovation because she probably hears the wrath from her congregation every Sunday morning.

I am determined to get involved in the theatre. I grew up in the local theatre, having one directly across the road from where I lived. I guess once it’s in your blood it’s probably there to stay. I’m going to try out for “The Fantastiks” – I think there is a non-singing part. I was “volunteered” to sing in the choir at church but had to send an email to the choir director informing her that I wouldn’t be able to mouth the words to the hymns without feeling some shame for not being able to carry a tune. Well, I can but it doesn’t go up or down. I’m kind of stuck between a soprano and an alto. A sopralto? An altano? I don’t know. After all of these years I still sound like I’m in high school, which I guess is a good thing, but I can’t make myself sound like Barry White and believe me I’ve tried. When I worked in the call center I was called “madam” more than once. That’s a whole different blog. I’ll get to that one of these days.

So I guess I’m not mad anymore. Oh, damn, there goes those kids on their dirt bikes. That will probably go on all day long. I guess I’m going to get mad again but I’ll write anyway. It will keep me from opening the front door and yelling something I’ll regret later on.  



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