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Pass The Sunblock Please

At my age, I should know better. But still I throw caution to the wind – in this case, the sun – and decided that I hate wasting a sunny day hanging around inside waiting for the clothes to wash and dry, so I ventured outside in the brutal heat to sit in the shade under the carport to read. There was a semi-cool breeze blowing around two cars, so I set up my canvas lawn chair I got at Wally World between the two and sat down.

Inside or outside, it doesn’t really matter, I always manage to doze off and today was no exception. Two pages short of the end of Chapter 45, I put my head against the back of the chair to just “close my eyes for a minute.” I awoke to a burning sensation on my legs. Sure enough, my legs looked like lobster claws. But I was sitting in the shade! I said to myself. Idiot! my self said back. It’s probably wind burn and if you don’t know by now that you can burn in the shade then you have no business going outdoors in broad daylight.

So I reluctantly hobbled back inside. It felt like I had walked into a meat freezer. I settled myself into a reclining position on the leather sofa, which was tantamount to lying on a frozen box of Klondike Bars. It’s hard for me to read horizontally so I didn’t really enjoy Chapters 46 and 47 as much as I would have had I been sitting in my Walmart chair under the carport. I closed the book and decided to check on the laundry.

I can try to go back outside when it cools off a bit – which according to the Weather Channel will be Thursday or Friday. But I was in a reading mood, not a laundry mood. Nevertheless I decided it isn’t worth it to char broil myself so I’ll slip my bookmark in the beginning of the next chapter and either wait until Thursday or Friday.

Somehow the sensation of the sun beating down on your legs while you’re sleeping in the shade is not the same as lying on a soft leather sofa. Besides, the temptation to turn on your side and grab a quick nap is always there. I don’t like sleeping in the middle of the day. Not even in a chair in the middle of the carport.  I don’t want to look like a complete idiot to the people riding by. But it’s too late for that. I’m already an idiot for going outside to do a little reading.


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Qualifications and Job Skills


The President inherited most of the unemployment figures from the previous administration and yet the GOP wants to STILL blame him for the numbers. Their reaction is almost laughable. Exactly what do they expect him to do? Go to every corporation, every small business and demand that they increase their work force? Sure, that would be a solution but it wouldn’t fix the problem. Part of the blame falls on the businesses themselves for “picking and choosing” who they want to hire. I’m almost sure it has something to do with “good looks” and not experience. ALMOST sure.

I say that because I was laid off in 2008 due to a merger and my job was “eliminated”. I smelled something fishy almost immediately. I went back to the new employer’s store at Christmas to see my old co-workers, I discovered that the new company had hired a young, blonde female in the position I was eliminated from. I attempted to pursue age discrimination but that is a long and arduous process and nine times out ten hard to prove.

So for the past four years I have been applying to jobs in the retail sector – with six years of experience in retail and almost 30 in customer service, you would think I’d qualify to work in a store which was advertising for retail/sales help – wouldn’t ya? Not so. The current norm to reject an applicant today is by email. A curt response to your application tells you that they’re sorry but your qualifications and skill set does not match the position of your qualifications and skill set. WTH?

I can see how people would give up looking. It is a frustrating project to try to find a job after you have reached a certain age. But I trod on hoping that one day someone will look at my application and say “Hm. This looks like a good fit. Perhaps a bit older than we’d like but still a good fit.”

When I wake up from my dream I hope to see on the news that the number of job hires has increased by at least one person and realize it wasn’t a dream at all.

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Space Is Limited

I used to spend a good amount of time on facebook. Now it seems I only check in to see what’s going with my friends and family, maybe post a comment and then get out.

Some of the people I know who I have friended have become rather greedy, taking up way too much space and it is really annoying. I don’t want to un-friend them. I’ve thought about making snide comments but that would make them angry or hurt their feelings and they would un-friend me. So what do I do. Grin and bear it I suppose.

A couple of friends seem to spend alot of time scouring the internet for cool pictures, cartoons, quips or pictures of maimed animals and then load them by the hundreds daily. My feeling is if you find a cute or clever picture you want to share, great, let me see it. But don’t post so many that I have to scroll down for 20 minutes until I come to the next friend who has done the same thing. I’ve had to “hide” a friend’s postings because she decided that not only was she going to see how many things she could post in one morning, she decided to copy and paste her twitter tweets! Enough already!

So in lieu of the fact that there IS no space limitations on facebook of postings, there will be space limitations of what I want to see. Don’t make me limit your space. Please. I don’t really want to hide you. I might miss something juicy that’s happened to you and I wouldn’t want that to happen. But I’m sure if it does, you’ll post lots and lots of pictures and neat sayings. And I will have missed them ALL.