Space Is Limited

I used to spend a good amount of time on facebook. Now it seems I only check in to see what’s going with my friends and family, maybe post a comment and then get out.

Some of the people I know who I have friended have become rather greedy, taking up way too much space and it is really annoying. I don’t want to un-friend them. I’ve thought about making snide comments but that would make them angry or hurt their feelings and they would un-friend me. So what do I do. Grin and bear it I suppose.

A couple of friends seem to spend alot of time scouring the internet for cool pictures, cartoons, quips or pictures of maimed animals and then load them by the hundreds daily. My feeling is if you find a cute or clever picture you want to share, great, let me see it. But don’t post so many that I have to scroll down for 20 minutes until I come to the next friend who has done the same thing. I’ve had to “hide” a friend’s postings because she decided that not only was she going to see how many things she could post in one morning, she decided to copy and paste her twitter tweets! Enough already!

So in lieu of the fact that there IS no space limitations on facebook of postings, there will be space limitations of what I want to see. Don’t make me limit your space. Please. I don’t really want to hide you. I might miss something juicy that’s happened to you and I wouldn’t want that to happen. But I’m sure if it does, you’ll post lots and lots of pictures and neat sayings. And I will have missed them ALL.

  1. #1 by AndrewSGinsburg on July 6, 2012 - 11:54 am

    I almost never go on Facebook anymore because of exactly what you are saying. I have good friends who tweet what kind of tea they are having, when they get to Starbucks, I am just not interested in knowing any of that. So I do hide a lot of people! Also I have lots of friends who don’t even check FB to see who has wished them happy birthday or who comments on their pics because its too long a list to sort through. Many days I forget to go on FB even on my iPhone. I wish people would take your advice, maybe they will. Well said!

    • #2 by fgsweetdog on July 6, 2012 - 12:11 pm

      It’s really frustrating. When I first began my facebook (is it “f”acebook or “F”acebook – I’m never really quite sure…) adventure it seemed like it was going to be alot of fun; almost like a game, spying on (as it were) your friend’s innermost goings-on but it has turned into a laborious task of wading through people’s drudge until you get to something of substance that actually says something intelligently. Who posts 118 pictures of Bella’s 1st birthday party or 67 photos of a day at Myrtle Beach and expects people to scroll though and either “like” them or pass them over. And you’re right. When friends began posting pictures of the meal they were about to eat, I said enough is enough. I don’t care to see how your surf and turf at Red Lobster is presented. Sorry, just not interested. Besides. It’s way too hot to even think about hot food. Thankfully I was able to cure my addiction to logging onto facebook from my phone – I found that I was pulling off the road too much to see the tattoo that Andy had just gotten on his butt cheek or scroll through 15 “cutesy” pictures that Tom had posted from the internet, most of them wishing me to “Have A Good Day” — the worst is “share and re-post” if you agree. We need to start our own social networking site. Hey, we could become billionaires too and have our stock crash and burn 2 days after going public. Seriously. We’ve got to do something. Maybe we could have one of those scary faces that jumps into your face from your screen if you go over your photo limit for the day. Otherwise it’s back to MySpace and that ain’t no picnic either.

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