Qualifications and Job Skills


The President inherited most of the unemployment figures from the previous administration and yet the GOP wants to STILL blame him for the numbers. Their reaction is almost laughable. Exactly what do they expect him to do? Go to every corporation, every small business and demand that they increase their work force? Sure, that would be a solution but it wouldn’t fix the problem. Part of the blame falls on the businesses themselves for “picking and choosing” who they want to hire. I’m almost sure it has something to do with “good looks” and not experience. ALMOST sure.

I say that because I was laid off in 2008 due to a merger and my job was “eliminated”. I smelled something fishy almost immediately. I went back to the new employer’s store at Christmas to see my old co-workers, I discovered that the new company had hired a young, blonde female in the position I was eliminated from. I attempted to pursue age discrimination but that is a long and arduous process and nine times out ten hard to prove.

So for the past four years I have been applying to jobs in the retail sector – with six years of experience in retail and almost 30 in customer service, you would think I’d qualify to work in a store which was advertising for retail/sales help – wouldn’t ya? Not so. The current norm to reject an applicant today is by email. A curt response to your application tells you that they’re sorry but your qualifications and skill set does not match the position of your qualifications and skill set. WTH?

I can see how people would give up looking. It is a frustrating project to try to find a job after you have reached a certain age. But I trod on hoping that one day someone will look at my application and say “Hm. This looks like a good fit. Perhaps a bit older than we’d like but still a good fit.”

When I wake up from my dream I hope to see on the news that the number of job hires has increased by at least one person and realize it wasn’t a dream at all.

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