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Are You In Or Out?

I haven’t been blogging in a long time. I think I’m just so caught up with this “Romney-gate” that I’ve lost all sense of, well my senses. I logged on here to wish a Happy Birthday to the brother of a blogger I follow (AndrewSGinsburg) and thought, well while I’m on here I might as well speak my mind – before I lose it altogether.

I try not to get into politics very much, unless something has really gotten me angry. The last time was the Amendment One debacle in NC. This time it’s about my “friends” – at least those on facebook – who “like” Mitt Romney.

I am two things. Well, three really, but most people know of the third. I am a Democrat and an Episcopalian. Back in May, prior to the passing of Amendment One, the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern NC took a very brave but justified stance in decrying Amendment One because of it’s denial of equality to gays and lesbians. That stance made me very proud to be an Episcopalian. Now that Mitt has included me in the 47% – the 47% before he said he was for 100% – I need to say something.

With the passing of Amendment One I was labeled something less than a human being, a non-existent resident of NC, except for paying my taxes. I was considered not a heterosexual, not a traditional (i.e., “traditional” marriage), probably not even a Christian. I was considered “other.” I think that would be the box to tic if I had to complete a survey. Now it’s necessary to add to that list of options and tic “moocher” – apparently because by way of Social Security I have been sponging off of the government. Nevermind that I contributed to the fund during my entire working career. That doesn’t matter according to Romney. I’m merely taking a handout from the government.

So I am bewildered by my senior “friends” on facebook, or any “friends” from my church who click on “like” anything related to Mitt Romney. I mean WTH?!  You’re supposed to be an Episcopalian and support equality, aren’t you? If you’re a senior you’re supposed to be outraged by Mitt’s 47% comments, aren’t you? Am I missing something? Am I going to the wrong church?

If you want to be a Republican, that’s fine. This is America after all. If you want to be an Episcopalian, that’s even better. But shouldn’t you be supporting a party that is ALL inclusive?

So I won’t mention what you “liked” when I see you Sunday at church. However, after the election I’ll probably walk up to you and ask “what were you thinking?” I’m so tired of being labeled something, especially something I’m not. I’m certainly not an “other”. As for a moocher, I’m not one of those either. I’m a human being and I wish to be considered as such.

Now you may go click on “like” Mitt Romney if you so desire. Just remember he’s probably not going to “like” you back.


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