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Back In Action

A twitter friend of mine reminded me that I haven’t been writing. I’ve been procrastinating long enough. So I’m back. There’s just too much going on to remain silent. And a 140-character limit isn’t going to cut it.

Injustice is spreading like wild fires and nobody seems to be able to put it out. There’s not enough water. There aren’t any hoses long enough to squelch the burning rage that is being inflicted upon the vast majority of Americans who live their lives according to a mission statement of “every one is treated equally and fairly.” I wonder what they live by.  They. The so-called “christians” and the right wing moralists who lead such perfect and sin-less lives that they don’t need a mission statement.

So when your governor refuses to speak to his constituents about issues that are troubling them, and instead hides behind the legislative building playing catch when they’ve come to see him, or hands them a paper plate of chocolate chip cookies, mccrorymumbles “God bless you!” and turns on his heels and crawls back into his mansion, it gets under your skin. How someone could be so cowardly and ignorant yet hold such a high office is beyond mind-boggling.

Now I can settle down and do what I enjoy doing; writing about what’s on my mind. I’m wondering if the expiration date on that package of cookies of the governor’s had already expired. It’s not unlike someone from the GOP to hand you something on a plate that’s already been tainted.


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