Eyes Straight Ahead, Man

If you want to know what really irritates me it’s people who tweet comments about gays and then try to take them back with “that’s not me at all” or say their statement was “taken out of context.” Taken out of context my ass. If it was you you wouldn’t have said it at all.

michaelsamI applaud the coming out of Michael Sam, defensive lineman at the University of Missouri. It didn’t take long for the bashers to jump on board. Jonathan Vilma, linebacker for the New Orleans Saints was afraid that if Sam was drafted to a team in the NFL, he might “look at” the other players in the locker room, Vilma using himself as the object of the leering. “Don’t flatter yourself, dude. You ain’t all that” I tweeted to Vilma.

Am I to assume that all those pats on each others’ butts – on and off the field – are okay because the guys doing the patting are macho, heterosexual jocks? And when you score a touchdown and jump onto another player’s back that isn’t a little too gay? I can almost bet a lot of towel snapping goes on in the showers. All under the guise of “just buds horsing around.” Okay, if that’s what you want me to believe I’ll play your stupid game.

This is 2014 for pete’s sake. Grow up and get over yourselves. No gay football player is going to look at your junk in the locker room with salacious eyes, if that’s what you’re worried about. So keep your homophobic remarks to yourself. Then you won’t have to try to justify your “acceptance of everyone” in a feeble attempt to clear your name from being called a bigot. And just to be on the safe side, look around before you butt slap your team mate. You never know when you’ll find a photo of your hand on another man’s ass on twitter. You’ll have a lot of tweeting to do to get out of that one.

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