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Hair Gel and Lemonade

A very long time ago I took a bottle of peroxide and bleached my brown hair blonde. I don’t know why. It wasn’t to see if I’d have more fun. I suppose I just wanted to look different. I wore Huckapoo shirts with long pointed collars, bell bottoms and platform shoes. For a brief period of time I was a flamer.

Today I have salt and pepper hair. People say I look distinguished. I don’t want to look distinguished. I just don’t want to have more salt in my hair than pepper. If you put in lots of hair gel while it’s still wet it will make your hair look darker. Plus I like the greased look. I wear cotton oxford shirts with button down collars, pleated dress pants with cuffs and wing tips. Now I’m a professional.

I had one of those little portable phonographs. I think it was a Singer. It seems to me they made other things besides sewing machines. Anyway, I would snap one of those plastic discs into my 45’s so you could play them on a 78 spindle. My favorite singers were Dionne Warwick, The Supremes and Martha and The Vandellas. I loved Motown. I loved the beat. I loved the words. I loved taking the records out of those paper sleeves and popping them onto the turntable.  You could understand what they were singing back then. Once in a while I’d throw on something British like Dusty Springfield or Petula Clark  just to add flavor. Now I pop in my earbuds and listen to music I have stored in my Ipod. Enya, Dave Grusin, Jackie Evancho. I also have some Katy Perry and Five For Fighting. I like to think I’m still hip. I downloaded a Hoobastank song only because I like the name of the band. No other reason. On Sundays I listen to Bach, Handel, Telemann and anything that is classical baroque. I have a Hayden trumpet concerto just for variety.

In future postings you’ll find I’m a political junkie. I find myself fascinated by pundits who come on the cable news shows and try to act as if they are the only voice of reason. They aren’t. When I was younger my two favorite programs were “Dallas” and “Designing Women.” I loved Sue Ellen Ewing because she didn’t let JR push her around. Julia Sugarbaker was a tough broad and when she went political on someone she let them know who was boss. If those two women were still around I’d write them in on Election Day.   

 I’ve watched the world go by as I grow older. Some things I wish I would have done differently. And I wish I had done some different things. Life thus far has been pretty good. I’ve never felt like I’ve been handed lemons. When I was a kid my sister and I set up a lemonade stand. It didn’t go so well. I remember the woman who took a gulp and then threw the plastic glass out of the car window. She didn’t hurt my feelings. But it made me realize that just because someone looks nice it doesn’t mean they are.

So now I just take things one day at a time. Besides, I’m too old to set up another stand and I can’t be spending my money on things like red Solo Cups. I have too much hair gel to buy.  


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