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Simon Says

With same sex marriage moving at such a fast pace it was almost inevitable that the bus to equality would come to a screeching halt. It looks like Chief Justice Sotomayer is in the driver’s seat this time. I’ll tell you this road trip has been one hell of a ride. After all the bumps and detours it appeared to be smooth sailing from here on out. No such luck. I guess I was waiting for the wrong bus.

My question is why are you – and by “you” – I mean the Supreme Court and all of you Federal Courts playing not only with people’s lives but with their emotions? C’mon, you’re either in or you’re out. You’re either for or against. Take up the 6th Circuit Court’s appeal and let’s get it over with. Let’s settle this injustice thing once and for all.

I have yet to hear anyone tell me how gay marriage would affect theirs. Not one iota of rationale for being against it. And using the Bible, religious beliefs and your own personal morals don’t justify your ignorance for which you can not hide behind. Any legal argument for “traditional marriage” has been proven to be worthless and invalid. You can’t stand behind your hatred and bigotry any longer.

So let’s stop playing this stupid game. Take one step forward. Now take three steps backward. Oops, I didn’t say “Simon Says.” Ya know what? We’re not putting up with your crap anymore. We’re taking our toys and we’re going home. And we’re not coming out to play until everybody is on the same team.

So make up your damn minds already. We are going to move forward. And we’re not waiting until Simon Says.


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